Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption



UPDATE - MARCH 20: Yoki here and I have been at the Animatch Centre for over three months. I am heartbroken, depressed, and most days I don't eat. The highlight of my day is when the dog walkers arrive and take me on a walk and help me forget what having a family meant to me. Some dogs arrive and can put their past behind them and focus on their future. I am trying -- really I am -- but I am just so, so sad. I know the fact that I would do best as an only dog is scaring some people away. I have been on plenty of outings and you won't see me having meltdowns when I see another dog. It is simply that I want to be your one and only. I can provide you with more love than a bunch of dogs put together. Give me a chance .... please. Fill in that Application Form and ask for Yoki.

Yoki, a beautiful Husky mix, arrived at Animatch over six years ago as a lively Northern pup.  She has grown into a wonderful companion over the years. Recently, she finds herself in need of a new home due to compatibility issues with other small dogs in her previous family.

Yoki is an awesome dog with a unique charm. Her magnetic personality draws people in, and she absolutely adores human attention. Her playful spirit and love for the outdoors make her a favorite among dog walkers. Yoki has a high prey drive, particularly around smaller dogs and small animals, and for her well-being, she would thrive as the only animal in her new home.

Winter is Yoki's favorite season, and she delights in basking in the sunshine on a snow bank. A few walks and some outdoor time are all she needs to be content. Her love for the snowy landscape is truly heartwarming.

Since being surrendered, Yoki has been experiencing a bout of sadness. Dogs, like us, can have their down days. She is currently not eating and appears to be in need of a loving home to bring back her happy, carefree self.

Yoki is looking for a home where she can be the center of attention, without other pets around. An understanding and patient adopter who appreciates Yoki's unique qualities and can provide the love and care she deserves would be perfect.

If you're ready to open your heart to Yoki and give her the happy home she deserves, please fill in the Application Form.

Let's bring back the joy and laughter to Yoki's life!



Available for Adoption

6 years
Large (48 lbs)
Dog friendly
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Medium High
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Adoption Process

Please note that due the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to all applicants and ONLY those being considered will be contacted. We thank you for your understanding. The adoption application link is posted below and the adoption process is outlined on the website.  Animatch asks that you read the Adoptee’s bio in its entirety before applying to ensure you meet the requirements for the dog.

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