An all inclusive Canine Adoption Center

About Animatch

Animatch is a well-organized intimate center with a limit of 15 at all times. All our dogs are socialized with humans (adults & children), other dogs and, of course, the resident cat!

Animatch has humble beginnings

It was founded in 1999 by Helen Lacroix, a busy wife and mother. Her grassroots movement started around her kitchen table. Helen credits her parents with instilling in her their love and concern for animals. Today, Animatch boasts a centre with accommodation for a dozen dogs and a dedicated team of volunteers.

Helen from Animatch
Helen from Animatch

Our center includes several amenities

Private playground, Lounging area, Fur Stylist/Groomer, Comfortable sleeping accommodations, Daily activity programs (walks, runs & outside play), Medical services, 24 hour surveillance.

All dogs have access to the numerous items above, all the while savoring meals tailored to their dietary needs. The Animatch center exudes love, compassion and understanding. We have found that our environment allows for Animatch to best evaluate the personalities and special needs of our adoptees.

The perfect setting to find the perfect match!

We would like to emphasize that, although our center is well organized and maintained for the comfort of our Adoptees, this is not where they are meant to be. Upon entering the center many animals are often confused, stressed and in some cases, badly undernourished.We need to make their transition to a regular environment as simple as possible.Although Animatch does its utmost to help alleviate most of the factors traumatizing the pets, we are not the final solution.

These dogs need permanent, understanding and loving homes. The sooner these animals find their "forever home", the easier it will be for them to adapt, accept and begin living normally again.