Looking for a project?  You’ve come to the right guy.  Would you be the one to gain my trust, understand that I am not a quick fix, and be committed to helping me become the dog I was meant to be.  

Jeffrey here and I am a “scaredy cat”.  There I’ve said it … I have taken the first step.  Now I am reaching out for help.  I arrived with my mother, Ella, from the Dominican Republic.  Through all the ups and downs of my life so far, Mom has been right by my side but now it is time to end this co-dependency.  Constantly relying on her for assurance, entertainment, and protection needs to stop in order for me to be able to function as a self-reliant dog and develop a personality of my own.  I need to learn some life skills independently.  We have lived through a traumatic experience and we were united to get through it.  

Inside this “scaredy cat” is a lovable dog who is looking for a patient human partner.  One who will help me interact with other dogs, socialize and expose me to new experiences, and eventually enroll in obedience training to boost my confidence.  I need love in copious amounts but what is even more important is commitment.  A person who will not give up on me despite the length of the journey or the hurdles we may encounter.

An experienced family is important.  Since I can be difficult to catch, a securely fenced yard is a must.  If you have a well-balanced dog that could show me the way, that would be great.  Insofar as children are concerned, at this point I would do better in an adult home or one with dog-savvy kids over 12.

I will need a patient, gentle hand to guide me through these troubled times, but I promise you will be rewarded in the end.  Are you the one who is willing to take me on as a project?  The rewards will be amazing.  Please fill in the Application Form if you have what it takes.




Mixed Breed
1 year
Large (46 lbs)
Dog friendly
Cat Friendly
Energy Level
Medium High
Grooming Level

Adoption Process

Please note that due the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to all applicants and ONLY those being considered will be contacted. We thank you for your understanding. The adoption application link is posted below and the adoption process is outlined on the website.  Animatch asks that you read the Adoptee’s bio in its entirety before applying to ensure you meet the requirements for the dog.

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