Meet Onyx, an energetic and affectionate puppy with a heart as big as his potential. One of six pups born into a world of uncertainty, Onyx's journey to a furever home is just beginning. His mixed heritage is a mystery, blending the traits of several breeds into one unique and lovable package.

From the moment he opens his eyes, Onyx is bursting with curiosity and an insatiable appetite for adventure. With his sleek, coat and soulful eyes, he captures the hearts of everyone he meets. But beneath his playful exterior lies a deep need for guidance and structure, yearning for a family to call his own.

Onyx's future is bright, but it won't be without its challenges. As he grows, it becomes evident that this pup will require more than just love and affection. His boundless energy demands regular exercise, both physical and mental, to keep him happy and healthy. From long walks in the park to engaging puzzle toys, Onyx thrives on stimulation and activity.

Toilet training is a must for Onyx's new family, as he learns the ropes of indoor etiquette with patience and consistency. Socialization is key to his development, introducing him to a variety of people, pets, and environments to ensure he grows into a well-rounded companion.

But Onyx's ideal home is one filled with love, laughter, and companionship. He longs for a family ready to make the 10 to 15 year commitment to his care, providing him with the stability and security he craves. With another dog by his side and a dog-savvy cat to show him the ropes, Onyx will thrive in an environment where he can learn and grow alongside his furry friends.

For families with children, Onyx is a perfect fit, as long as they're accustomed to the joys and challenges of raising a puppy. Together, they'll embark on countless adventures, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Onyx's journey is just beginning, but with the love and support of a dedicated family, his future is boundless. Will you open your heart and home to this extraordinary pup? If you wish to discover the joy of welcoming a new best friend into your life, tell us all about yourself.  Fill in the Application Form.




Mix of many
DOB Nov. 27, 2023
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dog savvy cat
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