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Available for Adoption



Update - March 29: The day has finally arrived. Miata will soon be able to go to her new home. Thanks to her awesome Foster Mom who has stuck with her through thick and thin over the past few months. Below is the latest from Miata's Foster Mom. Please consider adopting this wonderful dog.

Beautiful Miata has been through TPLO (Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy) surgeries on both legs – the first one in November and the second one in February. All this is thanks to our very generous donors and, of course, thanks to the very special skills and experience of our Dr. Raymond Plasse at the Lasalle Vet Clinic. Miata was a real trooper throughout the entire process. She never lost her love of life, her playfulness, her sweet character and her optimism that everything is going to be just fine.
It takes a while for dogs – especially large ones – to recover from this type of surgery. She is just now beginning to enjoy walks. And they’re getting longer and longer by the week. Regular massage therapy (thank you Alain Girouard & check out his Facebook page!), some osteopathic treatments (starting soon) and some physiotherapy sessions are all part of her rehab program. We want to make sure that she’s given the very best chance of recovery. Dr. Plasse is very pleased with how she’s doing and is convinced she will be able to live a full, active life. It will take a few more months of being ‘careful’ with her – and that means no dog parks, running or heavy play – and by the end of the summer, she’ll be ready to take on the world.
Miata will soon be ready to move on from her foster home to her forever home. And whoever adopts this special girl is in for a treat. She’s wonderful with other dogs, large and small. She has been well socialized and gets along with everyone – on two or four legs! She wants to please and is willing to learn.
Miata will be happiest in a home where she is not left alone for several hours a day. One or more dog siblings would help with the little bit of separation anxiety that she is showing. A large, fenced-in yard is a must. She has a prey drive outdoors and all it would take is a squirrel or rabbit and she’d be off to the races. She appears to be fine with cats – indoors anyway (-;
Miata is great at being a couch potato, but let’s not forget that she’s a big girl – close to 85 pounds – she’s still young (close to 3.5 years) and very strong. So no small children please! Her new family should have experience with large dogs and the energy to give her everything she needs: lots of love, time, commitment and an active lifestyle. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt her should ideally be prepared to continue with physiotherapy (at their expense) for the next few months.
Could you be her perfect forever family? If so, send in an application with all your details. Miata can’t wait to meet you!

Miata here -- pictures are worth a thousand words.

Update:  Miata here – I know that you’ve been wondering what is going on.  I am so fortunate to announce that I have undergone my first surgery and I’m recuperating with my awesome Foster Mom and my little four-legged foster sister.  Animatch felt that I deserved some one-on-one attention through the surgeries and during my recovery.  They chose well.

Would you believe that I am also seeing Alain Girouard, a massage therapist, who has very kindly offered to accompany me throughout my recovery from this operation and all the way through the second operation (left leg).  I so appreciate the donation of his time and energy to my healing.    There are truly some Angels in this world.  

Because I am only 2.5 years old, a full recovery is expected and my joints/ligaments will be stronger than ever.  My Foster Mom will be taking me to laser therapy twice a week to speed up the healing process.   I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of care and concern for me.  I lived in pain for far too long.

Of course, we still need to raise funds to get me through the second surgery which is scheduled for the end of December/beginning of January.  It takes a village to help a dog like me.  Animatch, my foster Mom, and all who have donated have gotten me this far.  We are counting on our amazing supporters to get me through the rest.  Any donation big or small is appreciated.

Meet Miata, a shiny Labrador Retriever mix who was injured in February and will finally be getting some relief from her pain.  She was dropped off at the SPA Mauricie with a torn cruciate ligament. The only thing that would make life just a little better for him at this point is a forever family!

Miata will undergo TPLO surgery in the next few days and what better place to recover than in the comfort of her new home.  There is just no way that Animatch could turn our backs on Miata and leave her in pain.  Please be aware that you cannot expect to go through a dog’s entire life without having some unforeseen veterinary expense.  Consider yourself lucky if you don’t but you must always be prepared.  No dog deserves to be left in pain.

After her surgery, she will need to have limited exercise for a few weeks but we are hoping that she will make a complete recovery.  Miata is truly best friend material; she gets along well with everyone she meets.  Although she is good with other dogs, at this time we are trying to limit her activity.  

An update will follow on Miata after her surgery.  In the meantime, if you think that you can offer her the home she so deserves, fill in the Application Form.



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