To do nothing, to say nothing .... stops nothing!

October 19, 2023
To do nothing, to say nothing .... stops nothing!

There is an epidemic right now and dogs such as the doodles in the photo are the ones suffering.  These were lucky enough to have been picked up by Vaudreuil Animal Control – try doing that job for any length of time.  The person who does can only be called a good Samaritan as he does is utmost to try to give these dogs a chance.  Some days I’m sure he feels like he is fighting a losing battle.

The people who produce these dogs hide among us.  When they are overwhelmed because the litters they  are not selling and new litters keep coming – it’s time make some cuts!  I guess they don’t get the memo that the pandemic is over and not everyone is in the market for a dog.  The solution for the byb -- the dogs go for a drive.  They are dumped on a country road or in a field, and left to their own devices.  The doodles in the photo are the lucky ones; they made it and in time will go on to a better life.  Happy ending?  Not so fast! There is always a body or two of a pup that just didn’t make it.  To the people who do this -- how about you go out and get a real job?  

As you have noticed some bring the pups directly to us or to pet food stores.  At least they have the courage to do that and for that we are grateful.  However, they don’t seem to get the message as they just keep on producing. Shelters and rescues across the country are overwhelmed and dangerously close to saying “no room at the inn”.  

The people who breed these pups have no concern for their health and welfare, much less who buys them.  Did you know that the backyard breeder is the single greatest cause of pet overpopulation in Canada.  How do we end it?  STOP BUYING!  

You will soon see these dogs on our website and we ask that you open your heart and your home to them.  If you have what it takes – the time, the desire, the experience, the funds – to make a difference in their life, please consider adopting.