Tips for getting your home ready for your newly adopted pup!

February 15, 2024
Tips for getting your home ready for your newly adopted pup!

1)   Gather your dog’s supplies

There are some basic items you should pick up before bringing your new adoptee home such as a collar, leash, food and water bowls and perhaps some chew toys. And don’t forget to pick up ID tags in case your four-legged friend wanders off by accident.

 2)   Set the house rules

If you’re adopting the new family dog, make sure everyone knows their role when it comes to taking care of the pup. Who will be in charge of walking the dog in the morning? Evening? Who will be getting up for the pup’s md-night pee break? Who will feed the dog and what will the feeding schedule be? Will fluffy be allowed on the furniture? Any rooms that are off-limits to them? The quicker you set these guidelines, the easier life will be.

3)   Plan for the arrival of your new pup 

Plan to spend a few days with your new adoptee when they get home, so a weekend is a great time to bring them home. No doubt both of you will be anxious, especially Fido. They’ve just had some major changes in their life, and it will take some time for them to settle down. Don’t forget to pay attention to your other pets in the household as they can get jealous about the new family member.

4)   Housetrain ASAP

Regardless if your adoptee is house-trained, accidents can still happen. Set the ground rules quickly to avoid frustration. Be consistent and set a routine and follow it religiously.

 5)   Health is of top priority

Once you have your new dog at home, set up an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible. This will help set a baseline of the dog’s health.  

6)   Set a space just for your pup

As much as you’ll want to be with your new pup all the time, they will need their own quiet space where they can go to relax.

7)   Train and Discipline

You will want to set the ground rules with your new dog from the start. Make sure they know you are the boss and not them. If you catch them doing something they shouldn’t, calmly let them know their behaviour is inappropriate. Using a disapproving tone is more effective than yelling. At the same time, when they’ve done something well, praise them, give them a treat and praise them some more!

 8)   Plan some games into your routine

Even older rescue dogs need play time. Make sure you set aside some time to keep your pup active. Whether it’s a stroll through the park, a brisk run or tossing the ball, do it on a regular basis and it will make both your lives better!

 9)   Dog Proofing

Regardless of their age, dogs can get into some trouble. Do some pre-planning to protect your stuff but also to help protect your new pup. Some plants you have may be poisonous to dogs, so put those out of reach of your dog. Look for objects or wires that your dog can chew on or get tangled up in shoes or electrical cords.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Every dog is different and requires different care. It’s a new experience for both of you. Be patient and enjoy your new adoptee!