News from Penelope (formerly Jazz)

November 30, 2023
News from Penelope (formerly Jazz)

After our Adoptees leave us, they still remain an important part of our Animatch family.  Follow-ups are done on a regular basis every few years.  

We always love receiving news from our Alumni and we are going to try to share more of the wonderful follow-ups from our amazing adopters.  Penelope (formerly Jazz, adopted in April 2022) arrived at Animatch with her best friend Delilah.  She definitely required a patient human who would help her adjust to family life.

She found those humans and Penelope is thriving.  

Thanks for the email, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

Pénélope is a well-established family member and my partner and I adore her  

The experience of adopting a dog like Penelope is extremely rewarding and I have learned a lot in the process. I appreciate Animatch's honesty during adoption about the work ahead of me, I think that's part of what allowed us to have a success story. It took almost 9 months for trust to be completely established with Pénélope and for her to be 100% comfortable.

When we adopted her she was resource guarding, hiding under furniture when night fell and eating everything on the floor (including poop). After more than a year with her, she no longer exhibits any of these behaviors and is completely relaxed.

She accompanied me on road trips across Canada, learned to swim and did a lot of camping the last two summers. She has a lot of personality and loves stealing things around the house to be chased, she loves playing fetch at the park every lunchtime and particularly enjoys visits to the local pet shop to buy a bully stick and bring it back in her mouth all the way home.