By appointment only ....

June 6, 2024
By appointment only ....

Helen and her crew of Volunteers enjoy meeting people – especially if they happen to be looking for a dog.  However, the Animatch Centre is not the “Do Drop Inn”.  Animatch is a Volunteer-based rescue and suffice to say that the place is hopping.  There is no time to stop and chat and give people the grand tour.  You will not be shown dogs, especially since most of the drop ins have never filled in an Application Form.

Once a month (this month on June 15th), we host a Meet & Greet at the Animatch Centre where people can come and talk – maybe even meet Helen – and meet a dog or two.  Volunteers are present to guide people through their search for the right dog (note we say “right” dog, not “perfect” dog).  You may even have the pleasure of going for a walk with a friendly, grateful canine.  Meet & Greet Day is the day that we absolutely love to see people drop in.  You are more than welcome.

Please respect this request.  Animatch has an adoption process, clearly outlined on our website, and it works.  Stopping in unannounced is not the way to fast track an adoption.  We value our potential adopters but want to be ready for them when they get the call to come and meet a dog or puppy.

Thank you in advance for respecting this request.