Assist your Northern pup in adapting to a fresh lifestyle with these helpful tips!

March 20, 2023
Assist your Northern pup in adapting to a fresh lifestyle with these helpful tips!

Adopting a Northern dog can be an amazing experience, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. These dogs are bred for harsh environments and require special care to keep them healthy and happy. In my opinion, the key to caring for your adopted Northern dog is to be aware of its unique needs and to provide them with plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. Regular grooming is also important to keep their thick coats in good condition. Overall, your Northern dog can make a wonderful addition to your family with a little extra effort and attention. Keep these tips in mind when adopting a northern breed:


Introduce playtime

Northern dogs are wonderful companions, but they may not have had the chance to learn how to play with toys. Don't worry, though! You can help them discover the joy of playing by offering a variety of different toys and spending time playing with them. It might take some time, but eventually, they'll let you know which toys they like best. Some great options to start with include frisbees, tug toys, balls, or Kongs.


Understanding new sounds

Another thing to keep in mind is that northern dogs may not be used to hearing the usual household noises we take for granted, like the beep of a microwave or the sound of a vacuum cleaner. But don't fret! You can help your furry friend get used to these sounds by using lots of treats and positive reinforcement. Letting them know that these noises won't hurt them is important.



Lastly, Northern breeds are known to beindependent and intelligent. Training and socialization are crucial for their development. Positive reinforcement methods work best, and early training can prevent behavioural issues down the line.