A dog sits waiting

September 9, 2023
A dog sits waiting

Animatch is seeing a lot more returns these days than we have ever seen before.  We believe that people have raised the bar of expectations on dogs. Not just a little bit, but a lot.  

People are looking for dogs who are expected to happily accompany them, play with random dogs in the dog park, and accept hugs and kisses from complete strangers like a rock star.  There is a real mismatch between expectations and reality.  

At the first sign of trouble, the “go to” is let’s pack up the dog and bring him back.  What else can you do?  She doesn’t meet our expectations.  When you are having trouble managing there are experts (trainers, behaviourists, etc.) out there who can help.  Will it cost money?  Yes, it will.  Except, you need a dog who will have life skills – walking on leash, basic commands (come, sit, etc), going for car rides, as well as being at ease with handling in a veterinary or grooming setting.  That requires training and socializing.  Animatch supplies the dog and the rest is up to you.  A fact that many just don’t seem to be getting.  This is not Walmart where at the first sign of imperfection, back he goes!

Dogs are sentient beings, not robots!  Not all dogs can cope with all things.  People want dogs that are good with their children and their friends but intimidating to strangers.  A dog that can go hiking on the weekend but is content with two 15-minute walks during the week.  A dog that doesn’t shed but doesn’t require too much brushing.  A dog that is extremely trainable but don’t plan on going past puppy classes.  They want a cuddly dog but separation anxiety isn’t acceptable while they are at work.  And, please a dog that isn’t too vocal is a must.  The dog needs to be non-reactive because the main source of exercise will be the dog park (whether he likes it or not!).  Last but not least – a healthy dog!

Insofar as other pets are concerned, it might take weeks – or months – for your cat or dog to adapt to a new family member.  Time and patience are key.   If you’ve ever started a new job, gone to a new school, or simply walked into a party – you know the feeling. The feeling of being in an unfamiliar place, new surroundings, new people, new rules.  Does Animatch know how long it will take any given dog to adapt or for you, your dog or cat to adapt.  Absolutely not!  We are counting on you to be dedicated to making this adoption a success.  Remember and we repeat -- we supply the dog, the rest is up to you.

Adoption is a commitment.  Unless you are ready to take it seriously, you are not ready to adopt.  Trying is not enough.