6 tips for your dog's dental health

March 18, 2024
6 tips for your dog's dental health
Originally published on www.thesuburban.com

Caring for your dog goes beyond playtime and treats - here are some tips for this often overlooked aspect of pet care: dental hygiene. Here is some advice from Aryel Lafleur, an accredited professional force-free dog trainer and behaviour consultant.

The right products and tools: Human toothpaste? Nope, that won't do. It's both unpleasant and harmful to your pup. Instead go for dog-specific toothpaste, brushes, or dental wipes.

Create a Calm Environment: Maintain a quiet, soothing atmosphere during cleaning. Choose a soothing tone when speaking to your dog to keep them at ease.

The Cleaning Process: Introduce your dog to the toothpaste or wipe, and gently lift their lips. Start with the front teeth, carefully working your way to the back, paying attention to the gum line. Remember, it's not a dental sprint; take breaks and use praise and treats for positive reinforcement.

Establish a Routine: Aim for daily cleaning to fend off plaque and tartar buildup. Remember to schedule regular vet check-ups for professional dental care.

Dental Chews for Added Care: If brushing or wiping isn't quite working, there's another option: dental chews. For instance, Earth Rated's Chew Toy is designed to be filled with bully sticks or frozen treats. Plus, it's made from natural rubber, perfect for a gentle gum massage.

Recognizing Dental Issues: Bad breath? Swollen gums? Visible tartar? Those are the early red flags. And if your pup starts treating mealtime like a dental obstacle course, it's time to consult your vet.