The term whirling dervish comes to mind when you first meet Phibie.  When she starts her “dance” she avoids you and your hands trying to catch her to interrupt the ritual.   It is quite a ceremony and funny to watch – for a while!  Yes, she is full of life.  Yes, she is bouncy, her tail wags so much you would think that she is solar powered.  Phibie often has the “zoomies”  

Never forget that Cockers Spaniels were originally bred as working dogs.  Some may say that they are hyper-active – no, they are full of life and whoever adopts a cocker pup must be prepared.   It does not however mean that you should take Phibie into the field and keep throwing the ball for her until your arm feels sore and she is out of breath and looks exhausted. It also does not necessarily mean that you must hike for miles every day.

Cockers, like all high energy dogs, need varied activities throughout the day – walking, playing, retrieving.  Except if you don’t want to turn Phibie into an athlete who needs tons of vigorous daily exercise, try exercising her mind as well as her body -- give her a healthy chew toy or try a scent game (hide treats in the grass).  Dogs live to learn, sniff, taste and absorb the world around them -- 15 minutes of brain training can be just as tiring for a dog as an hour-long walk! Chewing and licking are two other activities that relax any pup. Use kongs, healthy chews, lick mats and stuffed toys.  

Phibie would benefit from some obedience training.  Because her family were overwhelmed with finding a solution to her physical issues, she has missed out on some very basic training that many puppies have already covered.  She is an athletic dog so she would enjoy agility – even if it is not formal classes, a back yard course would be wonderful for her.  

Insofar as Phibie’s issue with her constant urination, there has been much improvement.  She underwent surgery a few weeks ago and it was a success.  That does not mean that urination has completely stopped; mostly it happens when she is overexcited (not unusual for a young dog).  It is quite possible that she may have to take medication (Phenylpropanolamine) for the rest of her life.  Phibie will be monitored in the next week and the next step will be confirmed.

In the meantime, Phibie needs to start her life as a family dog.  She gets along with other dogs but they would need to be tolerant of her over enthusiastic personality.  An experienced family, familiar with the breed, would be perfect.  Phibie will attract lots of interest – the cuteness factor is over the top – but we are determined to find the family that will commit to her for the next 10 to 15 years.  

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Cocker Spaniel
DOB June 6
Small-medium (now 15 lbs)
Dog friendly
Cat Friendly
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