Come on all you doodle lovers – don’t be shy.  I know there is a family out there anxious to adopt me.  I was given the name Lucky by my family but in the end, luck just wasn’t on my side.  I was surrendered because I have allergies – seasonal and possibly some food-related.  For now, I am on medication and then I will be monitored.  If it is just seasonal, then you might have to give me meds every year.  

Now for the good part!  You will never meet an awesome dog like me; I have never met a stranger and will gladly show you by licking your face.  I am told my over exuberance might not always be appreciated.  At 102 lbs, I need to keep all fours firmly planted on the ground.  By the way, I could stand to lose a few pounds.  

Walking on leash and exploring the neighbourhood is so much fun but I must find a pace that is enjoyable for the human walking me too.  They say that a walk needs to be appreciated by all parties involved.  So, I am willing to change my ways to help you avoid unnecessary stress and frustration and make our strolls through the neighbourhood memorable.  Let’s make a deal, we sign up for Obedience Training and learn a few tricks to correct this little glitch.  I promise to make you proud.

I get along well with other dogs as long as they can handle my size – I am not a bully just happy to meet them.  I would do better with older kids simply because I could knock little ones over because I am excited.  Given that I am a mix of two very active breeds, I will need daily exercise and lots of it.  I should be exercising my body as well as my mind; you can teach me some tricks.  I’m always game for a new experience.  

Well, any takers for this awesome Goldendoodle?  Do you see me as part of your future?  Keep in mind after finding myself homeless, I am looking for long term commitment.  Tell me all about yourself and we may just be destined to be a family.  Please fill in the Application Form.




3 years
Very large (102 lbs)
Dog friendly
Cat Friendly
Energy Level
Grooming Level

Adoption Process

Please note that due the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to all applicants and ONLY those being considered will be contacted. We thank you for your understanding. The adoption application link is posted below and the adoption process is outlined on the website.  Animatch asks that you read the Adoptee’s bio in its entirety before applying to ensure you meet the requirements for the dog.

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