It takes a village to accomplish a successful rescue from one country to another.  Why does Animatch take dogs from other countries?  The level of enthusiasm among people might vary but, in the end, we have taken one dog from a life of uncertainty -- and in some cases suffering -- and given him the chance at a stable and loving home.  And, that is a good thing!

Kishmish is part of a nation of dogs – dogs are full of spirit but have no ethnic or religious backgrounds in their world.  There is a person in his country, India, who made it her responsibility to keep Kishmish in a safe environment until she managed to help him find his way to Animatch.  All this was done despite a pandemic which is raging in her country.  Empathy and compassion are not something that can be turned on and off.  Now it is up to us to find Kishmish a loving, committed, and caring home.  Kishmish needs to find his human.

Kishmish was one of many strays in India who spent most of his life moving from one location to another until he was attacked by a pack of dogs.  After this incident, his new home was under a car.  His rescuer fell for this sweet dog and brought him to a boarding kennel until she could figure out her next step.  A dog lover through and through, she spent $3,000+ in order to give him his best chance at a better life.  

Kishmish is a happy fellow who is on the lookout for an experienced family.  Of course, he will need some obedience training and socialization in different situations.  He can be selective about his doggy friends and somewhat possessive of his space – remember, street dogs are territorial about their space and their food.  He would love to be your one and only dog. It’s all they have!  Kishmish is not a fan of cats, so a feline free home is a must.  

One important piece of information that we received from his rescuer in India – this boy loves chicken!  No doubt his new life will be filled with many new experiences and Animatch wants to ensure that the family who adopts him is ready for the ups and downs of adopting dog from a totally different environment.  

If you have what it takes to adopt Kishmish, then let us know by completing an application.  This boy can’t wait to experience the life of a much-loved dog in his new country.




Mixed Breed (India)
2 years
Medium (28 lbs)
Dog friendly
Cat Friendly
Energy Level
Medium High
Grooming Level

Adoption Process

Please note that due the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to all applicants and ONLY those being considered will be contacted. We thank you for your understanding. The adoption application link is posted below and the adoption process is outlined on the website.  Animatch asks that you read the Adoptee’s bio in its entirety before applying to ensure you meet the requirements for the dog.

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