UPDATE - JAN 20: Ella here and hope you like pics from my new photo shoot. I'm still waiting for my forever home. I have made tremendous progress with the help of my Foster Mom. I am ready to take the next step. Please consider adopting me.

Ella is my name and Jeffrey (my pup) and I are from Dominican Republic.  Too many dogs and not enough homes meant that I was destined to be a street dog. Along with that life came a litter of puppies.  Thanks to some amazing rescue people, we were brought to a safe place where we waited for a chance at a better life.  I could use a lucky break at the moment, considering what I have survived in my first two years.  

I have risen above many challenges but now seek a family that has the patience and strength to stand beside me forever.  It may take me a minute or two – maybe a little longer – to trust people.  Once I get to know you and I am comfortable, I am a sweet dog.  You just need to give me time; otherwise, I can react out of fear.  

Also, it is time for Jeffrey and I to part ways; he needs to learn how to live without me and be his own dog.  I won’t mind sharing my home with another well-balanced, calm dog.  In fact, perhaps it will help.  I have gone through a lot in my life, but I have no clue what is expected of me.  

So, I am on the lookout for an experienced adult family or one where children are dog-savvy and over 12.  A home where I will learn that it is okay to be loved.  A devoted, committed, and patient family who are ready and willing to help me be the best dog that I can be.  In time, I think obedience training would help me a lot.  I do really enjoy tasty treats!

Are you ready to adopt me and let me explore the world with you?  Will you teach me all the things I need to learn and then show me the wonders that await in this new life?  All the while growing our bond and becoming the best of forever friends.  Prove to me that there are good people in this world who want what’s best for every dog despite their sad beginnings.

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2.5 years
Medium (38 lbs)
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Please note that due the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to all applicants and ONLY those being considered will be contacted. We thank you for your understanding. The adoption application link is posted below and the adoption process is outlined on the website.  Animatch asks that you read the Adoptee’s bio in its entirety before applying to ensure you meet the requirements for the dog.

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