Update – September 15: After two months in foster care, I spent a week with a really nice potential adoptive family. Sadly, it didn’t work out and I am now back with my original Foster Family. Whoever adopts me will have to take it very slowly; I need to have time to adjust to a new family and fully trust them. I have a lot of affection to give. But until I can fully trust my guardians, it has to be on my terms, otherwise I’ll let them know that I need more space… I’ll growl and snap. I still need and accept consistent, clear direction. I am intelligent, quick to learn and love to please.

Now that I’m with my Foster Family again, I’m 100% back to being a good boy: trusting, affectionate, obedient and willing to please. I hear I’m being signed up for an Obedience class with my Foster Mom. I want to make my humans proud.

So, what kind of home do I need? A single or adult couple – both on the same page with regards to dealing with my issues – who are present and prepared to give me the time I need to trust them. And that could take weeks or months. In the meantime, I look forward to lots of walks, car rides, adventures, meeting other dogs and people and chilling with you in your home. I’m an active dog outside but very calm in the house.

Update - July 30: Animatch felt that I could use some one-on-one attention to figure out exactly what kind of home I require. So, a very experienced Foster Mom stepped in and she is pleasantly surprised that I am such a good boy. I always knew it but here is what she says about me:

Dickie has been with us for a few weeks and has come a long way. His Resource Guarding is a non-issue. His Separation Anxiety is slowly getting better.  However he is a “Hoover” on our walks. He is now wearing a Gentle Leader which helps. He is getting very good at the “Leave It” and “Drop It” commands.

He is a smart dog; he knows how to Sit, Stay and Wait; his Recall command is coming along nicely.

He is very affectionate and you will find him laying beside you most of the time.  Or he will jump into your lap.

He has four quirks: (1) he loves car rides and will jump into any car with an open door (2) he loves to sit on chairs (3) he will eat Kleenex (4) he loves to roll in the grass.

Dickie would thrive in a Multi-Person family that are around most of the time. His Separation Anxiety is probably his biggest challenge.  He would love a fenced yard to roll around in the grass. He can live with or without dogs; he is currently living with 4 other dogs.  He is an active 8-year-old who loves hikes in the woods. He is going to make some lucky family a great pet.

Dickie here and I’m not just another cute face!  Along with this handsome exterior comes a personality and demeanor that is not always easy to handle.  My family could no longer cope with my anxious nature and dominant behaviour.  I simply didn’t fit in any more.  I need a whole attitude readjustment therefore an experienced family is a must.

So, I’m on the lookout for a home where I will get all the training and rehabilitation that are essential to be the best dog I can be.  Am I a problem dog?  Of course not, I may have a long road ahead of me, but I will try my best.  It is important that you take the lead and guide me by enrolling in obedience training, giving me lots of exercise, socializing me with lots of people and different situations.  Even though I am 8 years old, I have a long life ahead of me and it’s never too late to learn.  

Now I must admit to something – I am a resource guarder.  There I’ve said it.  That’s the first step.  Drop a chip on the floor, it’s mine.  Try to get me off the couch, I’m comfortable so buzz off.  Laying in your spot on the bed, hey I was here first.  I will warn with a growl and then snap.  You get the picture.  Totally not acceptable and that is why my family felt that they had no other option than to find me a new home.    

I would best suit an adult home.  I get along well with the dogs in my playgroup at the Centre and apparently my best buddy before I was given up was the family cat.  Cats are so cool!  Now you can put condo or apartment living out of your mind, my high-pitched bark is music to my ears but no doubt will not sit well with your neighbours.  Cockers are an active breed so we really do need to get out each and every day and pound the pavement.  Maybe some nature hikes would be fun too.  

Are you up for the challenge?  Ready to take the pledge?  To promise to devote the time, energy, and commitment that I will require for the rest of my life.  Well then, get on with it.  Fill in the Application Form and ask for Dickie.

“Your dog will never wake up one day and decide he doesn’t love you anymore.”




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8 years
Medium (33 lbs)
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