Here is a New Year's UPdate from Copito who has been at Animatch way too long. In recent weeks he has been with his super Foster Mom who has been working with him to teach him aout family life. By the sounds of it, he is catching on.

"Hi, my name is Copito, and I have been hanging out at my Foster Mom's (FM) home for about a month now.  She requested I give you an update.  I'm pretty perfect, if I say so myself, although my FM may question that.  She gets upset when I decide to bark at the farthest corner of the yard, and I don't stop.  She calls my name, but I just "turn on" my selective hearing, and tune her out.  It is pretty funny to see her trudging through the snow to come get me.  She also does this when I dig, but it is much harder now that the ground is frozen.  She leaves things on the counter edge for me, and then gets upset when I take them.  Go figure!  The stick of butter was so-so, but I scored with the hamburger bun.  She says I'm a big "NO" for the dog park.  What's the big deal if I go manic when I see dogs running, and go in barking and growling like a mad man?  She says I would cause chaos within the 1st 5 seconds. I kinda do that same kind of behavior when going outside with my foster brother and sister, but boy, that street girl from Armenia can sure put me in my place.......
I am pretty good on walks, but need to grumble when someone gets too close.  I can take a treat nicely with other bothersome dogs around, and absolutely could walk for miles.  I like car rides because we go to fun places to walk, and I am super quiet in my special room at night.  I am not keen and touches and don't try to pick me up.  FM is working on this, but I sure don't trust the touch on my belly and legs yet, especially my butt.
So, if you are ready to have a Terrier with selective hearing, that could ABSOLUTELY benefit from obedience classes, I'm your man!  No small kids (too many hands) and no apartments/condos, unless your neighbors enjoy listening to me!"

Little terrier mixes have a way of stealing everyone’s hearts, don’t we?  Just close your eyes and imagine my fluffy, snow-white coat blowing in the breeze as we stroll through the park.  If we have the chance to meet, I’m hoping that something special happens between us.  

My name is Copito and I am a proud dog from Mexico.  A few of my buddies and I recently made the trip to Animatch.  I’m on the lookout for a patient and loving person who can visualize me as part of their family.  I promise not to disappoint.  

According to my rescuers in Mexico, I’ve never had a real home – just got bounced around from one bad situation to another.  Despite all that, I have never met a stranger!  I absolutely love all two-legged creatures.  Even though I get along with the four-legged ones (the canine variety), I don’t let them get between me and my two-legged.  Therefore, I would be so much happier as your one and only dog.

My favorite thing in the whole world is going for walks and playing in the yard.  You can teach me what all this throw and retrieve thing is all about.  Games would be so much fun, I got to keep this terrier brain working.  Obedience training should go well as I am very food motivated; I promise to make you proud.  

I could be the furry companion that you cherish, the one that will always be by your side.  I’m hoping to find someone I can trust…maybe someone like you? I could be the furry companion that you cherish, the one that will always be by your side.   Think about it.  Then fill in the Application Form and if we are lucky, we can meet.




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Small-Medium (24 lbs)
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