Bruiser is a Bloodhound who arrived at Animatch because his previous family experienced some resource guarding around children.  One of our experienced Foster Moms has taken Bruiser under her wing and sent us some news from Bruiser.  

Hi! My name’s Bruiser but my foster family calls me Rooster. I’m not sure why?

I love people, dogs and food!  I’m learning to play with dog toys and how to play with humans.

My foster mom told me that I have a Super Power and that lots of dogs like me are heroes. I was sure it was because I’m so fast but she told me it was because of my nose. I really like supporting heroes like me, so when I hear sirens I throw my head back and cheer them on as loud as I can.

I had a family… My foster mom said they were in over their heads and that it’s not my fault. To make sure that doesn’t happen again she wants you to know a few things about me.

“Bruiser loves doing the right thing and gets a really funny look on his face when he knows he has nailed it. His powerful sense of smell and appetite draw him to all food or food related (recycling/garbage) things.   BONUS his love of food makes training him much easier!
He’s a barker.   BONUS he’s easily distracted from it.
He needs someone who is home a lot until his confidence grows. BONUS in less than a week he went from following me if I left a room and whining outside the bathroom door, to being able to continue his nap as I move around the house.
He’s a very sweet and loving 6-month-old Bloodhound puppy that will grow to be between 100-130lbs by age 2.  Bloodhounds are considered good natured dogs but they need to meet hundreds of people, get out and sniff all over and be taught how to be around people of all ages. This is a scent hound; their job is to find things with their nose.  Games like, hiding a peanut butter stuffed toy in a room or feeding dinner scattered around on the lawn help to fulfill that drive.
Lastly, all XL breed dogs cost a lot to own.”

If you have the experience, knowledge of the breed, and the environment required to adopt Bruiser, please fill in the Application Form.  




DOB Sep 22, 2022
Very large (50 lb)
Dog friendly
Cat Friendly
Energy Level
Medium High
Grooming Level

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