UPDATE - AUG 29: Animatch is happy to announce that BRISBY went to her new home yesterday. Thanks to her very special Foster Mom who worked tirelessly with her to help her to become adoptable. We wish Brisby and her new family a long and happy union.

My name is Brisby and I am from South Korea!

I was amongst the dogs that were rescued by HSI in January 2022.

I come from the Meat Market industry in Korea, did you know that millions of dogs are slaughtered every year, held in inhumane and disgusting conditions until our brutally taken last breath?

I am one of the lucky ones that was rescued and brought back to Canada so that I could learn to live the real life of a dog and get to know what it is like to be loved and understood.

To tell you a little more about me, I can first of all start by telling you that it takes me a long time to warm up to new people. Once I start feeling I can trust you a little bit, I will become your shadow, I will follow you around everywhere from a safe distance, but will learn how you move, what it is that you are doing and learn some more about my surroundings! I am very food motivated, so for that reason, it will be easier to show me that I am safe with you and that slowly I can allow myself to start trusting you! I have made tremendous progress with my foster mom and foster canine brothers and sisters. Being around other confident dogs has helped me a lot to figure out I could trust humans and going around the house and places. At first, crossing a doorway would take me 45 minutes! Oh, it was so scary! Now I go in and out happily and I absolutely love to play with all my fellow canine buddies! I have gained a lot of confidence!

After a couple of weeks, I became able to go walk on a leash around the neighbourhood! As you can imagine, I had never been walked before. When I arrived, the smallest pressure on the leash would be very scary for me! I have had to be walked on a 6ft regular leash but made of a metal chain to prevent any escape if ever something out of the ordinary was to suddenly scare me during our walk! That's never happened though. I don't even pull much, I enjoy the walk with my human and give plenty of eye contact and check-ins to make sure I'm still safe as we continue walking! I've come to start loving these outtings!  

It will be very important to consider that I need a lot of time to trust you and to feel safe around you. At first I thought I shouldn't be touched by anyone, but it turned out to feel so good that I now love to be pet on the chest and belly and when it stops, I paw to get some more! I can now be brushed a couple of times a week and of course that took a while before I would allow my foster mom to manipulate me as such! Bathtimes aren't that easy for me, I need a lot of time and understanding in order for bathtimes to be successful. Though I will say, now that weather has warmed up, I do love the kiddy pool in the yard to refresh myself! Allow me to dry out before running indoors and I will be one happy camper!

I still have a long way to go when it comes to car rides, so if you were planning on bringing me along on far away hikes and adventures, I will not be the greatest candidate for that just yet!

I will need to work on a desensitization to car rides and I already got some medication called Cerenia which helps a lot with my car sickness! Let's just say, one thing at a time... Sky is the limit as far as what we could accomplish together throughout my life, but we'll first need to get to know each other, build our trust, go for walks together and ultimately perhaps one day I shall be your bestest pal for hikes and adventures!

I am very much of a chewer! I seriously love it! It's also one thing that has helped me tremendously to adapt to my new environment when I first got in my foster home! Did you know that 15-20 minutes of chewing for a dog equals about an hour of exercise?! It also helps reduce stress and helps a lot in terms of having an outlet to take out the stress on! Considering all of this, I will need to have a lot of chewing sessions when I'll get to my new home! If you have to leave the house, I can be crated, but then again, give me a good long lasting chew and I'll be able to stay quiet and nap a little bit until you return! Just getting in the crate otherwise is difficult for me, given my past traumas and where I come from... I am sure you will understand this! Ideally for me though, would be a house where I'm rarely left on my own, or for shorter amounts of hours only... If I don't have a chew while you're gone, I may very well find myself one that you won't be happy with, so it'll be important to plan some chews for me when you need to leave the house, if I'm not to be crated.




Mixed Breed (Korea)
3 years
Medium (26 lbs)
Dog friendly
Cat Friendly
Energy Level
Medium High
Grooming Level

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