Available for Adoption


Available for Adoption




Alfredo here and I’m back (seems to be happening a lot lately!).  It appears that I am just too much dog  my adoptive family were not prepared.  

Now I would absolutely love to accompany my human on all kinds of adventures.  But to get to these fun parts, you are going to have to accept some of the challenges that are part of the deal – the adoption deal, that is!  

I am an energetic and motivated critter who is just begging to do awesome things with a human.  Isn’t that why people adopt a dog?  Don’t look at my silly adolescent antics – such as jumping on people, dragging you on leash, and counter-surfing – as a problem but as an “opportunity in disguise”.  A chance to show me another way.  

I need to use my mind as well as my body.  I would ace obedience training but you’ve got to have the motivation to do it.  Animatch can supply the dog – the rest is up to you!

You don’t have to buy me a sled and have me pulling you around the neighbourhood.  Walks are required but there are also other options.  Any time you teach me something new, and work with me on a regular basis, you are fulfilling my need to work.  

I am more than ready to give another human a chance.  So, fill in the Application Form if you would like to adopt me.

Ciao, mi chiamo Alfredo e sono un bel cane.  I love my Italian name even though I come from Whapmagoostui.  Did you know that dogs can learn pretty much any language you throw at them?  I know that in my case, I will respond to any language if you hold a liver treat in front of me.  

So not important what language my dream guardian chooses to speak as long as it is someone who enjoys having a good time and is keen on the great outdoors.  I would need for you to teach me, guide me, and call me your best buddy forever.  I play hard during the day but I can take it down a notch and relax if I have enough exercise.  

One of my bad habits is using humans as a springboard.  Another is dragging my human when we go for walks, it’s fun to see their legs move so quickly.  That is where obedience training comes in; I could definitely use some.  I promise to make you proud.  

Because I am a young rambunctious adolescent, sturdy, respectful children over 10 would best suit me.   By the way, if you have a cat I would not be welcome in your home. If you adopt me, you can expect to be going for a lot of long walks or hikes – my motto is a good dog is a tired dog.  

Like many Northern Dogs, I am not a dog park kind of fellow as I am not keen on other males – at least for now.  You know not all dogs absolutely must go to a dog park.  I much prefer going for a long walk or hike with you by my side.  I love my female buddies here at the Animatch Centre.  Even with them, I do play rough and I am quite vocal when we are having a tussle.  

So how about you bring my story to a close … with open arms, commitment, a loving heart.  When you fill in Application Form, remember my name …ALFREDO!  Ciao.



Available for Adoption

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Please note that due the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to all applicants and ONLY those being considered will be contacted. We thank you for your understanding. The adoption application link is posted below and the adoption process is outlined on the website.  Animatch asks that you read the Adoptee’s bio in its entirety before applying to ensure you meet the requirements for the dog.

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