Years come and go but we are still here

January 8, 2023
Years come and go but we are still here

Animatch would like to thank all those who adopted in 2022, all those who donated to our cause,  all those who attended Meet & Greets and various fund raisers.  Without your continued support, many dogs may otherwise not have had a bright future.  

2022, another challenging year … everything changed so drastically.

In 2020, a whopping 7,500 applications were received; how were people expected to get through a pandemic without a dog!  Less dogs were being given up (they were either being sold or passed on).  Puppy mills and backyard breeders could not pump the puppies out fast enough.  

In 2021, applications were down to 4,000 – average is between 3,000-3,500.  As in previous year, many people were looking for small, preferably non-shedding, dogs which most rescues did not have.  Again, those byb’s and puppy mills were always there to take up the slack.

In 2022, we received only 1,970 applications (698 Francophone + 1,272 Anglophone) and about 25% were interviewed.  A huge decrease probably due to the fact that life was returning to the new “normal”.  The consequences of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis resulted in families giving up their pets and fewer being willing to adopt.  

Animatch welcomed 300 dogs in 2022.  Some from the area, some from Northern Communities and some from other countries.  Although certain dogs may have had some special quirks, they were all deserving of finding a loving place to call home.

Insofar as Vet costs are concerned, Animatch spent a total of $100,000 and $17,000 for specialized services.  

So, if you are 100% certain that you want to adopt and know that you have the time, the money, the desire to exercise and train, then take a look at our Adoptees (or visit  All of us here at Animatch look forward to seeing more dogs finding their “happily ever after”.  

Adopt, don’t shop!