With so much uncertainty, one thing is for sure

January 2, 2021
With so much uncertainty, one thing is for sure

Meet Maura.

During the cold winter of 2020, pre-Covid, Maura was found in an abandoned car. Her owners had left her for dead. Frightened and freezing, Animal Control came to her rescue. Not only did they save her from the cold, but they had noticed a large mass in her belly.

Maura had been living in pain with an inguinal hernia. Normally not life-threatening, it was in Maura’s case. Her bladder, intestines and uterus were entangled and protruding through her belly. Without surgery, she would suffer and eventually die. This is where wonderful donors like you came in.

Without your support and donations, we would not have had the funds to pay for her life-saving surgery and find her a new, loving family to care for her and her new pal, Marvel.

“We would like to thank Animatch and donors like you, for the opportunity to adopt beautiful, little Maura. Maura came in to our lives when she needed us as much as we needed her. We nursed her through her surgeries, and she nursed us though the loss of our Shih Tzu, Dexie. Maura’s zest for life has no bounds and our lives are so much richer because donors like you helped save her life and bring us together.” – Barry and Maggie

And now, eight months into the Covid-19 pandemic, we are faced with our own serious problem.

Most of our fundraising activities have been cancelled due to public health-imposed restrictions. In order to continue pursuing our mission of educating the public on important issues while placing unwanted dogs in their forever homes, we need your help. Your donations are crucial to our efforts; we can’t do it without you.

Can we count on your continued support? No donation is too small and will help us with the veterinary and operating costs to allow Animatch to continue with our mission.

Donations can be made in numerous ways:

We, and the dogs at Animatch, hope to continue counting on your support during this very difficult time.

Thank you again.


Helen Lacroix
Animatch Founder