When more is not better

September 24, 2022
When more is not better

UPDATE - JANUARY 2023: Third request .... PLEASE STOP FILLING IN MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS FORMS. One is enough -- if you have already completed an application and see another dog that interests you, simply send an e-mail indicating your interest. If people continue to fill in multiple applications, we will have to go back to restricting them. This includes couples at the same address. Our Volunteers' time is as precious as yours, so please be considerate.

Please read original post below.

UPDATE: Please -- stop filling in multiple applications! One is sufficient ... the odds don't increase because numerous forms are completed. If it continues, we will have no choice than to go back to blocking multiple applications. Thank you for your cooperation.

It’s not a lottery … filling out multiple applications is a drain on Animatch’s time.

When Animatch’s new website was launched during the pandemic, our Webmaster chose an option that would not allow for applicants to complete multiple applications. Remember, Animatch received 7,000 applications in one year.  People were filling in applications for multiple dogs, multiple times, with multiple variations to their answers!   A limit to the number of times a person could apply was needed.

The applications are now at a more manageable level so this restriction has been removed.  However, it is happening once more -- applicants are filling in numerous applications (*again, sometimes with different answers!).  All this does is slow down the screening process and our Volunteers who do this are wasting precious time by making calls that are not necessary.

Please do NOT complete more than one application.  Your form is kept for a period of two months.  If you have not been matched with a dog during this time, you can send us an e-mail asking that your application be kept for another two months.  If after sending an application, you notice other dogs that are of interest simply send us a short  e-mail (using the Contact form) on our website.  There is absolutely no need to complete an application for every dog.  

Please be as honest as possible.  Lying on an application is a bad move.  Animatch is not looking for a reason to reject you.  We are simply looking out for the dog’s well-being.