R.I.P. LUNA EUREKA -- January 15, 2016 to Oct. 16, 2022

January 6, 2023
R.I.P. LUNA EUREKA -- January 15, 2016 to Oct. 16, 2022

Luna was born on a farm on January 15, 2016 to a Husky mother and a Greyhound dad. She was one of five siblings, including her brother Dyson.

We adopted Luna on March 15th, 2016 through Animatch Adoption Agency. Or more precisely, she adopted us, nipping our younger son Peter on the chin. From the beginning, she was a bundle of energy, love, and joy.

It took a bit of time, but she was adopted by her two cat brothers, Dante the lion cat and Titus the black panther cat. They liked to lounge together. She also looked after them getting us up early in the mornings to let her two cat brothers our for their daily dawn patrol.

Luna loved to go on trail walks and to the beach to splash around. Her favorite places were Angell Woods and Cap St. Jacques. She also liked to visit with the animals at the farm at Cap St. Jacques.

Luna also loved Christmas and presents. She was great at opening the wrapped packages for herself and her cats. She also liked to pick out her own toys at the pet store and at garage sales.

Favorite sayings inspired by Luna were:

• It’s a new day. Let’s go and make the most of it.

• This walk is just a warm up.

• My rate is one liver treat per km of walk, double on rainy days.

• Why walk when you can run.

• Peter makes the best burgers. Can I please have more?

• There is always room for one more toy.

Luna had a sharp impact fall in May, 2022 while jumping a barrier after a rabbit.  She developed a limp a few days later. It got better but then a few weeks later the limp and joint pain returned. An X-tray revealed that there was some bone loss at her right front joint. Diagnosis at the DMV Veterinary Centre by Drs. Planté and Parachini verified that she had osteosarcoma.

Surgery by Dr. Planté was quickly arranged to amputate her right front leg.  The surgery went well and she recovered quickly, having her stitches out two weeks later. She coped very well on three legs and was able to manage our stairs and moderate walks.

Luna endured four chemo treatments. Unfortunately, they were unable to stem the growth of the cancer in her lungs. The Chemo treatment may also have affected and weakened her heart.

On Thursday Oct. 13th, I had a dream.  In that dream I apparently had a virtual visit to heaven. God told me not to worry about Luna, that she was now in his hands and care. He told me that I would not remember anything about heaven, just that it exists and his assuring word that He would look after our beloved Luna. This cheered me up and I hoped that it meant that her medicine would work better.

However, God’s ways are His ways. On Sunday October 16th, Luna passed from the loving hands of our younger son Peter into the caring hands of God at home with her family at about 11:00pm at night. God crushed the osteosarcoma with his Devine mercy and love. Luna is now in the care of God and his heavenly angles, roaming the trails with her cat brothers, Dante and Titus.

She did leave us a sign of her existing after her transition. On the following Monday night, her spirit somehow disturbed one of her food dishes, breaking up a piece of one of her favorite dishes, baked salmon. It was left out for her near her favorite eating spot as a family tradition.

It was one of her parting gifts of reassurance to us that she was allowed that she exists in some form after her transition from this existence to the next level.

Luna was buried on Tuesday Oct. 25th, 2022 at the Reposium Pet Cemetery in Beauharnois, Quebec on the South Shore, next to bandit. Our two son’s assembled a plywood cottage for her earthly body. Special thanks to Camille, who operates Reposium, for his kindness and assistance with her burial. She lies in the midst of a multitude of other bellowed dogs and cats, but her spirit is roaming the fields and trails of heaven. We still feel her presence, even though we can’t touch her or see her.

Special thanks to her doctors at DMV and their assistants at DMV, Dr. Planté, her surgeon, and Dr. Parachini and Dr. Calvalido, her oncologists, and their assistants, including Luce and Mellissa.  Hopefully, her treatment experience can help the treatment of other dogs.

Our beloved bundle of energy and joy, Luna will always be part of our family, in our hearts, our thoughts and prayers and in the activities inspired by her.

Animatch is happy to say that this wonderful family recently adopted another dog from us.