Meet our Northern Boys!

March 20, 2021
Meet our Northern Boys!

Eaton, Hellman, Mayo, and Simba – four impressive looking males who need experienced homes with humans who “get” that there is some major training to do.  Yes, they need exercise but equally important is the knowledge of how to deal with these young hormonal males.  

They roamed free in the North, unneutered and full of testosterone, ready to fight if another dog considered them a rival.  Did you know that male dogs can smell a female in heat at 5,000 feet?  So, when a females is in heat, the “boys” all congregate and sometimes fights ensue.

Now that this foursome has been sterilized, behaviours should start to improve.  However, it may take months for hormonal changes to take effect after surgery.  In the meantime, they would all do better going to a home where they are either an only dog or one with another female dog.  

Their limited attention span as adolescent dogs have made any change to their behaviour quite difficult.  Eventually, with training and the passage of time, the need to show dominance may dissipate.  In the meantime, there could be some fence fighting, barking, lunging, pulling, dragging when another male is nearby.  

Mayo, Hellman, Eaton, and Simba are amazing dogs with the potential of being awesome family members.   But the family who adopts them must be prepared to invest time, energy, and training into helping them be the dogs they were meant to be.