Let the truth be told

July 20, 2021
Let the truth be told

It is Animatch’s job to ensure that each adoptee is going to a home that can provide excellent and life-long care for each and every dog.  So, it’s reasonable that our standards are often high.  What we need to place a dog in a home is the truthful answers; not what you believe we want to hear.

Failing to research the breed is one of the most common mistakes potential adopters make.  On applications, 90%+ of people say that they have; yet, they are surprised that Pugs shed, that terriers bark, that Huskies are escape artists.  Yes, we know there are exceptions but what if you don’t adopt the exception!

Telling us that the dog will rarely be alone when in fact he or she will be alone a good part of the day is just setting yourself up for failure.  Tell us the truth and we can work with that.  Being dishonest about this hurts the dog and may guarantee some chewed cushions or door frames.

Last but not least.  The question asking if applicant intends to do obedience training.  Again, more than 90% people say they will do training but most dogs that are returned for various reasons have not had one bit of training.  Training is so important – especially with puppies – and yet people take these dogs home with little or no intention of living up to their commitment to do training.  The dog is returned and automatically, “it’s the dog’s fault”.  Dogs that are returned take a LOT longer to be adopted a second time.  

Animatch gets that nobody is perfect, but there are a lot of really good human beings out there.  So, please give truthful answers.  If you cared enough to fill out the application in the first place, that counts for something.