Large Dogs Need Love Too

April 18, 2022
Large Dogs Need Love Too

Animatch finds great homes for all types of dogs, from purebreds to pure mutts, in all shapes and sizes. At the moment, small dogs are very popular, but we can’t forget about the bigger ones. At any given time, we have a lot of larger breeds that are deserving of a loving home. A home with an experienced owner who is willing to get their new adoptee some much needed training. Most of these dogs, like our current adoptees Bruce, Alannah, Meiko, Nora, Alice, River, Bosco, Aiden and Tammy, need a feline free home with older kids. We understand that with these criteria we are limiting the types of people looking to adopt a dog, but these doggos have a lot of love and life to offer and there are some major advantages in having a larger dog in your life.

Larger Dogs are:

More emotionally stable.

Yep, that’s right; big dog breeds are more emotionally stable. And often, dogs become your comforter when you need them. Not to mention, they make the best cuddle buddies and love to sleep in the bed with you.

More Trainable

We all know training is critical. Everyone wants a well-behaved dog.

You can teach them to play with you, protect you, and straight-up love you and your family members.

Large dogs tend to bond with and get attached to their owners quickly and can easily be trained. Some breeds are easier to train than others, but all-in-all larger dogs are easier to train than smaller ones. Big dogs also make excellent guard dogs.

Less barky than small dogs

Little barky dogs are the absolute worst. No one wants to listen to yapping throughout dinner. Barking is one of the significant turn-offs, and luckily there’s no such thing as “big dog syndrome.”

Don’t get us wrong, little dogs, without a doubt, deserve love too. Brett Hodges, the owner/editor of RightPet, sums it up well: “People don’t prefer large dogs per se — they like them because, in general, they’re more even-tempered, trainable, and quiet than small dogs — making them ‘best in-home.'”

Keep these facts in mind when you’re looking to adopt your next dog.  If you fit the bill, please don’t hesitate, submit your application for one of our amazing Animatch adoptees.