How Daisy came to be my emotional support dog

July 12, 2023
How Daisy came to be my emotional support dog

Dear Helen,

I just wanted to briefly describe how Daisy came to be my  Emotional Support Service Dog.

On November 8, 2020 we adopted our beloved & beautiful daughter Daisy. Our 14 1/2 year old Duck Toller (Olivia) mix suddenly passed away. Olivia was such a sweet soul, she kept my big, red, golden boy, Desmond, in check with his anxiety. When Olivia passed, not only were we super sad, Desmond took it so hard that I felt powerless to help him, as we were grieving too. Our concern was so great that we felt we’d lose him too if he didn’t have a partner.

Well, amazingly enough Olivia sent him, and us Daisy. Day one, Daisy went to work loving Desmond and immediately we saw his anxiety decrease significantly. She was amazing, and I truly felt her to be an extension of Olivia. She brought healing, love and joy back to our world. Desmond became calmer than I’d ever known him to be, and actually became my unofficial service dog. He was my shadow, as I was suffering with severe depression which I later came to realize was actually caused by C-PTSD. He truly became my shadow, and earth Angel.  Desmond saved my life, literally, and was able to do this because of Daisy.

I lost my soul dog, Desmond, in December 2022, and felt so lost and broken. I may have neglected Daisy's emotional needs a little, as my grief was so heavy. I felt badly for Daisy too, and though she was devastated, she remained calm as she’d always been. In recent months, I’ve received definite signs from my DESI boy, and he’s saying he wants Daisy to continue to provide what he had provided me with. Desmond has passed the torch from heaven to his beautiful sister, and has guided us to make it official. It’s all part of a divine plan, and we a very grateful for all the support, and love. Though our hearts our still broken, it’s an absolute gift that Daisy is continuing to support, love, heal and yes bring renewed joy back to our lives again.

Desmond loved Daisy soo deeply that he wanted us now to experience what he had.

Thank you,

A long-time supporter of Animatch and adopter of many dogs.