Coping with Feelings of Regret Over Adopting Your Dog

June 22, 2022
Coping with Feelings of Regret Over Adopting Your Dog
The Challenges of Having a New Pet

Unless you’ve owned a pet before, you don’t truly understand the challenges that arise when bringing home a new pet. You will need to adjust your schedule to meet their physical and emotional needs and they will be demanding of your time and attention. At the same time, your pet will feeling anxious as they get used to their new environment and new relationships with other family members.

Whatever comes up, know that these challenges are usually temporary and become a part of your everyday life.

The Positive Side of a New Pet

We all know that a pet can help us with our own mental and physical well-being. Because of them, we get out more, do more exercise, laugh more and even meet new people!

Coping with Feelings of Remorse Over Your New Pet

Feeling like you’ve made the wrong decision? You’re not alone. With any life-changing decision, comes a mix of emotions – excitement, doubt, perhaps regret. But one thing you need to remember, these feelings usually pass with time and experience. Here are a few tips to help you navigate this difficult time:

• The Rule of 3: It takes roughly 3 months for a pet to settle in to their new home, give or take a few weeks. The first few days you may feel overwhelmed, but after some time your pet will start to feel more at ease and show their true personality. And after 3 months, they usually start to feel at home and any problems they may have had, tend to improve.

• Be Realistic: A new pet will change your life. They are hard work, cost a decent amount of money to take care of and take space in your home. The worst mistake anyone can do before adopting a pet is not doing their homework. Speak with the experienced people at Animatch to find out all the information you need to know before adopting. Remember, a positive adoption experience can change the world for both you and an animal in need!

• Manage Your Own Expectations: Dogs have different personalities, so don’t expect an instant bond with them. Think about things from their perspective and give yourself the time to get used to each other.

• Share the Responsibility: If you don’t live alone, have other family members take on some of the responsibilities associated with the pet. That will help reduce the stress on you make things more manageable.

• Give It Time: Even with the above tips, things may go differently for you and your pet. It may take longer. Don’t focus on what you think should have happened by now. Keep working at it slowly and surely and know it will get better.

When it just doesn’t work out

If you’ve given it all you got and tried your best but you’re still having regrets about your new pet, don’t feel like you have failed. It doesn’t mean you are an uncaring person. It means you are taking into account of what’s best for the both of you. Not every dog can be happy in every home. We at Animatch give a unique 15-day trial period, where an Animatch volunteer will do a follow-up to make sure everything is going well and see if it’s a good fit. Animatch is not in a rush to place a dog; we take the time to find the right home for all candidates.