Children and Dogs

November 8, 2021
Children and Dogs

A question often asked at Animatch is why must children be over 8 in order to adopt.  Although we do make exceptions, it would only be for experienced people who already have or have just lost a dog.  Another criterion is that we would need to have history on the dog and know that the dog has lived with very young children.

Very young children have difficulty distinguishing between a dog and a toy.  They are not old enough to realize that hugging, kissing, lying down face to face or even worse on top of the dog can lead to a negative reaction from your dog.  They do not grasp that playing chase games can lead to injury.  

There are many benefits to children growing up with a dog. Pets teach them valuable life lessons like responsibility, trust, compassion, respect and patience. However, they must be at an age that they grasp these values.

Thanks to Lea St-Pierre-Meloche for photos