Alannah - Homeless but loved

August 1, 2022
Alannah - Homeless but loved

Animatch had to say goodbye to our beautiful Alanna today; her kidneys were shutting down.  Alannah was a survivor of the Korean Meat Trade and we suspect that before that she was a breeding dog.  Soon after her arrival at Animatch, we discovered that she was deaf.  

Much as we so wanted a home for her, she was always very comfortable in her enclosure – made soft with some thick, cozy blankets.  Alanna so enjoyed her walks with the dogwalkers; even though she was deaf she somehow sensed when they were present and barked and barked, “hey, it’s my turn”.  She always went back into her enclosure without any fuss, especially when rewarded with a liver treat.  That girl would do anything for food.  

She never found her family and we will always regret that she was not able to experience that sense of belonging in her life.  But we hope that she felt that Helen and all the Volunteers were her family in these last few months.  Alanna was certainly loved by us all.  

Thanks to Dr. Plasse who did not let her make her final journey alone.  We appreciate the gesture and I’m sure Alanna felt the kindness.  We will all miss her dearly but we are glad to know that she is free of pain.  Rest in peace, sweet girl.

"Everyone is taught that angels have wings, but the lucky ones of us find they have 4 paws."